Speed camera detectors are sometimes confused with radar detectors. Radar detectors are what the police sometimes use to electronically record how fast a car is driving along the roads and highways. This is a great tool that the authorities have to be able to fully determine if a vehicle is speeding rather than having to rely on their judgement.

For the speeder however they can possibly have their own resource to help them avoid a fine as a result of getting caught by radar. The tool for the driver is the speed camera detector. It has the ability to alert the driver that there is a speed camera being used up ahead. Usually, there is enough warning so the driver can slow their vehicle down to the proper limiits, before the speed camera is able to clock their speed. This way they have just saved themselves from being pulled over by the Police using the speed camera and issuing the driver a fine.

Many feel that the speed camera detector is really not a good electronic because speeding can increase risks of accidents. They should be caught by the Police if they are driving. Some areas of the UK are not happy about the speed camera detectors,  because it reduces the amount of money being collected on speeding fines.

The speed camera detector, however, can be used for more truthful purposes. Depending on the model it can tell the driver the speed that is applicable to the area they are driving in. This way a responsible driver can check their speed and conform to the driving laws. They can also give warnings about congestion zones which can help the driver avoid these areas.

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