The value of the Automotive Electronics Market has an estimate value of $290 billion by the future year of 2024. The demands of high priced advanced audio systems and driver assistance systems are the main factors predicted to alter the growth of the market. HIghly exponentially rising trends of internal vehicle “infotainment” are very likely to help increase market trends as well. High levels of complexity and lack of awareness regarding the understanding of these complex systems may halt the growth. The automotive electronics market is globally separated into regions and applications.

The automobile industry is rapidly changing with a higher demand for more safety options and features, driven by consumers. This demand is expected to move the market of automotive electronics in the future. Call systems for emergencies, recorder systems specializing in accidents and interlocks based on alcohol ignition are great examples of technology which are expected to boost market growth stimulation.

Also becoming an important part of the industry are integrated electronics, which include sophisticated electronic circuits, sensors, motors and actuators, all crucial parts of these types of systems. Approximately sixty percent of car costs represent the electronic system of automobiles. Advanced technology, such as systems built with driver assistance and collision avoidance promotes advantages by enabling GPS systems that are installed in the latest automobiles. Also, they enable systems which offer driver support, departure systems, and AI lighting systems. Safety equipment included in modern automobiles include collision warning, data transmission, and speed alert systems.

There is an ongoing estimate that Increasing complexities, such as software and hardware incidental issues and discordant operating environments, will restrain the faster growth of the industry sector in the future. To promote an increasing trend of adopting safety automobile systems, China and Europe are creating New Car Assessment Programs, which mandate auto emergency braking and technical warnings of lane departures. In addition, the increase of safety systems in automobiles is estimated to increase the demands for ADAS in the future.

In the continent of North America, the increase of the auto electronics market is a result of increasing demand for comfort, convenience and increasing concerns for more safety within the group of consumers. Demand growth has occurred for the adoption of green-based technologies as a result of stricter government trends or regulations, promoted to decrease platforms of modularity.

The innovation of automotive technology has also helped move the technological advancements of other industries as well. Within the medical industry, for example, patients now have the option to communicate with their doctors while on the go. This type of mobile innovation is now available here and now, and many patients will benefit from this type of convenience.

Electronics within vehicles are spreading continuously into almost all automobile types. As a result, automakers are predicted to adopt more of the intelligent electronics use, which gives an environment-friendly automobile to consumers. Automotive industry leaders are beginning to focus on retrieving data from consumers and vehicles to help optimize and increase these processes.

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