When you’re building electronic equipment, you must have some essential electronic components. You can engage in electronic engineering, but you must have the right features to design a circuit of your choice. Some of the most important electronic components include integrated circuits, capacitors, diodes, circuit breakers, and resistors.

This guide provides a brief overview of electronic components you should know.

Basic Electronic Components

In any electronic device, there are basic electronic components. People design electronic circuits and systems using basic apparatus. If you’re planning to design an electronic device, consider elements such as resistors and capacitors. You also need DC power sources and signal generators to provide power in an electric circuit. Analysis and measure devices are also critical to the development of an electronic system.

Active Electron Components

For anyone to generate electric power, active components are critical. You require multimeters and Cathode Ray Oscilloscope in this case. All these devices require an energy source to operate well in any electronic circuit.

Passive Electronic Components

Passive components do not rely on electrical energy to run a motor. However, these components use electrical current that produces a magnetic current enabling the engine to rotate. These components include two terminals that include resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers. When you’re engaging in making electronic devices, you may require passive electronic components to use.

Electromechanical Components

An electrical signal is the primary source of power required to rotate or move a device for electromechanical components. Different relays and switches can work well in these kinds of parts in some electronic devices. Since electromechanical devices are operated manually, you must initiate the movement for them to produce power.


When you want to specialize in electronics, you should know more about electronic devices and their components. They can create useful electronic appliances.

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