Doing research on wonderful inventions, you’ll quickly discover that Swiss scientists have provided the world with awesome inventions that that changed the world forever. Accommodation Engelberg for instance makes use of their inventions and the Rex vegetable peeler, invented and patented by Alfred Neweczerzal in 1947 is a simply but highly sought after little gadget. In fact it has revolutionized all sized kitchens the world over. Hotels in Switzerland find this simple but super sharp, innovative stainless steel Swiss peeler indispensable for quickly peeling vegetables and fruits. Useful in times of power failures, small wonder that this unsophisticated kitchen tool has been copied and which is now known as the ‘Y Peeler’.

Swiss Peeler

Swiss intelligence and innovation goes way beyond the kitchen, and with Swiss electronics to play role in NASA Mars probe, you begin to understand the versatility of the Swiss, Now a seismometer, aboard NASA’s Mars InSight and which was controlled with Swiss-developed electronics was launched from California. This mission was put together with a lots of skills and expertise from engineers and geophysicists from ETH Zurich, a leading technological university. The lander, with the mission to drill into the surface of the Red Planet, had to collect samples in an effort to understand how Mars was formed. The seismometer was developed and also built with several countries taking part such as France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States. With Switzerland being part of the space mission, excellent and meaningful results were expected according to the Swiss government. True, as a small country, is isn’t possible to operate a national space program, but with other countries taking part, the small country was able to contribute with amazing expertise and experience.

The space mission

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