Technology is a dominant, indiscriminate force. It dominates all other areas and does not discriminate what it touches, it just does and goes on to change it for the better. This could be said for cars. Cars have been known to be one way for 100 years or so. There haven’t been too many eye-popping car technologies released in the past, until now. Everywhere you look now, you can see new car technologies popping up or being developed that are going to radically change the way we think about, interact with and drive our cars. One of these technologies is self-driving abilities. For the longest time, a human hand has always been needed to get a car from one point to another. Now, we are seeing cars that can do this all by themselves. All of this is aided by technologies that we could not even think about 50 years ago that we are grateful for now.

Self Driving Car Technologies

There are several areas that are being looked at that will change the way we get from one place to another using our cars. One of these areas encompasses hardware additions to our cars and the other entails making us a part of the car, like what is being done in Nissan’s car of the future. One of the interesting hardware-related additions is to get location capabilities. It goes without saying that a car cannot get from one point to another without knowing that those points are. Advancements in geolocation have enabled cars to do this even better. Another advancement is collision detection. Because of the addition of hardware such as bumper mounted radar and ultrasonic sensors installed on rear wheels, it is now easier for cars to avoid colliding with other objects and even crashing into people. We briefly touched on making ourselves part of our cars. This is an area of autonomous driving that has piques the interest of companies such as Nissan and others. Here, the cars are fitted with systems that are able to read human thoughts and intentions.

Driving Using Just Our Minds

Because of the aforementioned advancements, we might be driving our cars using the power of our minds ion five to ten years. The question that arises then is, how far will all of this go? We know that new technology builds on old technology and this may be the reason why most people are wondering what new technologies will come off of the technologies we already have. We are already using technology to control most areas of our lives, including our cars and even tying our Shoes. Everyone should be excited about the future because we can all be sure that as more and more car technology comes out, the more our lives will be better for it. The only thing we can wish and pray for is that all these car technologies can be incorporated into other areas of our lives. It would also not be too far out there to hope that other technologies that can benefit the car industry that are not yet implemented come to fruition.

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