It really is hard to believe that anyone that is using different types of electronics in their vehicles has to be concerned about security. This is referring to cyber security and not safety security in respect to the operation of the vehicles.

With there being so much automation being built into vehicles the government has to set guidelines for security because of the connectivity that is available through the electronics being used for the connectivity. There is a real concern about hacking which comes under the umbrella of cyber security. The danger is that a hacker may be able to take control of the automated steering or the automotive braking features of a vehicle. This could create all kinds of danger, and it is not out of the realm of possibility. The UK government has recognized this and steps are being put in place to create the necessary guidelines for the manufacturers of the electronic components that are used in this automation.

There are still a lot of people skeptical about automation electronics and this particular risk needs t all the attention to ensure the property security protection is being built into it. Only then will drivers invest with confidence.

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