Electronics is a field that encompasses any device that deals with the emission, flow, and control of electronics across either a vacuum or matter. The term is derived from the identification of the electron, which was discovered in 1897, at the same time as the development of the vacuum tube, a device that can amplify […]

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When a MotoGP biker takes on sharp bends at 100mph with full confidence, it looks average for any motorcycling newbie. However, if you are the regular rider with regular motorbikes, you understand that MotoGP is an entirely new dimension in motorcycling. Everything is enhanced, from the bikes performance to the controls and most importantly, the […]

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The value of the Automotive Electronics Market has an estimate value of $290 billion by the future year of 2024. The demands of high priced advanced audio systems and driver assistance systems are the main factors predicted to alter the growth of the market. HIghly exponentially rising trends of internal vehicle “infotainment” are very likely […]

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Connected Security Plans

It really is hard to believe that anyone that is using different types of electronics in their vehicles has to be concerned about security. This is referring to cyber security and not safety security in respect to the operation of the vehicles. With there being so much automation being built into vehicles the government has […]

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The Car Audio Experience

If you want to get the best quality sound while you are driving, it is important that you have good speakers and that they are positioned correctly. You will also need a top of the market receiver, with an amplifier and tweeters to give the maximum effect and the best listening experience. A sound that […]

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Top Car Technology

Technology is a dominant, indiscriminate force. It dominates all other areas and does not discriminate what it touches, it just does and goes on to change it for the better. This could be said for cars. Cars have been known to be one way for 100 years or so. There haven’t been too many eye-popping […]

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