Connected Security Plans

It really is hard to believe that anyone that is using different types of electronics in their vehicles has to be concerned about security. This is referring to cyber security and not safety security in respect to the operation of the vehicles. With there being so much automation being built into vehicles the government has […]

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Just when one thinks they have seen and heard it all when it comes to electronics for vehicles something new is presented. This is what the world of technology is all about and the growth of automotive electronics depends on this. So many of the electronics that are used in today’s modern vehicles are made […]

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Electronics for Bikes

There are all different types of electronics for many different types of vehicles, and this includes bikes. What has really increased the need for electronics for cyclists is the introduction of electronic bikes. There are now many different types of bikes, on the market to help with the safety of bike riding as well as […]

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One of the important aspects of the different industries in the UK is that they create jobs. For young people or even mature students, they want to enter into a career that has some stability to it. This is something they will strongly consider when looking at the automotive electronics industry. This industry is dependent […]

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There are a lot of different types of electronics that can be used in all different types of vehicles. They are all based on some form of technology. The electronics that allow connectivity in a vehicle function according to the technology that is needed to operate them. For the most part, these electronics have many […]

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Every industry that resides in the UK is important. Some grow faster than others and when an industry is wavering then usually active steps are taken to help it become stable. Industries are the backbone of every country. One industry that is highly important not only for the economy but for the good of the […]

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